The Impact of the Pandemic on the IT Market. State of the IT Sphere Now

The COVID-19, accompanied by lockdowns and the shift to remote work, has forced companies from all walks of life to change their business processes. They had to establish remote work of their own employees, remote interaction with partners and contractors, as well as with consumers of products and services. Information technology and systems for office workers will undergo the biggest changes. Many companies will no longer require their employees to visit their offices every working day. Remote work has become a new reality, which will lead to savings in time and office space, but will require the cost of “retooling” IT services.

The pandemic has made information technology even more critical to business success than ever before. And a return to a less digital world is unlikely to happen. The adaptation of business processes to new conditions would be impossible without IT tools that ensured the work of companies in the new conditions. The demand for appropriate solutions and services was able to compensate for the general decline in the IT market caused by the general economic situation. The pandemic has created serious challenges for the industry and at the same time provided incentives for development. Remotely, the IT sector has become even more efficient than before. People are not distracted by office rituals, non-work conversations, coffee breaks. Within the team, people began to communicate using video communication, although at first not everyone was ready for this. 

The pandemic has significantly accelerated the digital transformation of companies. Customers and partners are quickly looking for solutions that will allow them to work and remain competitive in the current environment. More than half of the companies are ready to invest in their development in this direction.

The demand for video conferencing has grown rapidly, as business meetings and classes in schools have moved online. On the wave of success, some videoconferencing systems have overgrown with something like their own ecosystem. For example, Zoom has applications with specialized extensions for industries such as finance, education, etc. There are similar products built around Microsoft Teams and Google Meet.

Not only meetings have moved to the Internet, but also the processes of working on documents, the demand for which has increased significantly. Many companies are now revising their principles of organizing work and the demand for such solutions will continue after employees are allowed to return to the offices. Various messengers, video communication systems, cloud storage solutions, data protection, and remote access will remain in demand after pandamic.

When self-isolation was announced, IT departments did not have many resources to provide support for employees who were sent to work remotely. As a result, the winners are those companies that were able to provide their employees with the opportunity to work with corporate systems via the Internet on their own equipment. The BYOD concept has become commonplace.

During the pandemic period the application development shows the highest growth in the level of the program from the categories “Business” and “Education” and “Online Shopping, Delivery”. Users are increasingly looking for ways to interact with their colleagues. Free time, which usually goes away on a trip to the office or home; people like to spend on extra education: studying foreign languages, watching the various courses, etc. Last spring, the height of the pandemic, was the peak for the mobile gaming industry. But from the end of May, the beginning of June, restrictive measures began to weaken in many countries: people went to work; there were more options for leisure and recreation. The growth in downloads of games stopped, regression began on the market.

After the end of the pandemic, the trend of the IT direction will be directed towards the automation of the maximum number of IT and business processes. This will lead to minimizing the role of a person and reducing the staff of the service personnel. In particular, this will happen due to the introduction of systems for automatic monitoring of IT infrastructure. Already now you can see that many issues are quite successfully resolved remotely. 

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