Privacy Policy

This paper describes nuevodesign.net Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy determines:

  • What kind of data we collect during your visit nuevodesign.net site, our advertisers’ sites, partners and platforms, where our advertisers’ ads are displayed;
  • How we use collected data;
  • How you can unsubscribe of non — personal information collecting.


Collected data

All the collected user information can be classified into personal information and non-personal information.

  • Personal Data (Personally Identifiable Information, PII) refers to data that can be used to identify a specific person or contact it.
  • Non-personal Data (non — Personally Identifiable Information, non — PII) refers to data that cannot be used for direct association with any specific person.


Non-personal Data (non-PII)

Nuevodesign.net can collect data, which determine the uniqueness of user with his anonymity maintaining. For example, such data include:

  • IP address and geographical reference;
  • Browser type (for example, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and version;
  • Operating system (such as Mac OS or Microsoft Windows);
  • The language selected in the browser (for example, Russian);
  • Information about visited sites (URL and page’s refer);
  • Information about displayed ads and your clicks on them.

Above given data either individually and together in any way are not personal information, which directly or indirectly determine the actual person.

Personal Data

During displaying advertising to you nuevodesign.net does not collect your personal data — such as name, address, phone number or email address. Nuevodesign.net may collect personal data of users — advertisers, sites and other partners in the course of registration and system using. Information about ways of collecting, using and storing the information of our clients and partners in Nuevodesign.net system is presented in a separate paper, available to users of the system.

Using collected data

Nuevodesign.net may collect, use, transfer and disclose information that is not classified as personal, solely for the purpose of providing system services and displaying advertisements to users,

  • To display potentially more interesting ads to user;
  • To improve advertising campaigns’ performance for advertisers and sites;
  • To conduct statistical and other researches;
  • To deliver our services correctly.


Technologies used

To collect non-personal data Nuevodesign.net can use:

  • Cookies;
  • Zeropixels.



Cookie – is a small text file that a webserver can store in the user’s browser when he sees an advertising message or visit the advertiser’s site. Cookie is associated with a certain browser on
specific computer.

Cookies expiration date

Nuevodesign.net puts cookies’ expiration date 30 days after its creation or last update.


Zeropixels are small images with a unique identifier, that can be located on the our partner’s site and used in conjunction with cookies for anonymous analysis of your behavior on the site.

Information Security

Nuevodesign.net takes precautions – including administrative, technical and physical – to protect information from loss, theft, and misuse, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Nuevodesign.net also understands that none of the existing methods of communication and information storage can provide absolute security and reliability.

Provision of data to third party

Nuevodesign.net does not sell and transmit the personal users’ or customers’ data, except in cases stipulated by the legislation of United Arab Emirates.

Nuevodesign.net may grant third parties a summary aggregate information that does not contain personal data, and does not allow a user’s identity.


Nuevodesign.net can make changes to this Privacy Policy without prior notice.
Amendments come into effect in the date of publication.

Questions, comments and suggestions

Questions, comments and suggestions related to the Privacy Policy, please send the following e-mail address: info@nuevodesign.net