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conferences seminars

A conference is a large event (attendance numbers are typically in the hundreds or thousands) focused on a central theme or industry that is typically held over multiple days. Event activities for this event type include speakers, exhibitions, contests, and much more.

exhibition trade show

Exhibitions bring together tons of like-minded brands under the umbrella of one major theme. This interactive event type relies on exhibition booths and interesting partners to create memorable experiences for their audience.


In its simplest definition, a festival is an organised series of events or performances surrounding the same theme – for example music, food, or comedy. It can either take place in one space, such as a field or park, or it can be spaced throughout different venues in a city or area.

product launch

Product launches help formally spread the word about a new brand, partnership, product/service, or special offer. These in-person events generate buzz and help attendees get to know your company better.

opening ceremony

While conventions, political gatherings and sporting events use opening ceremonies to set the mood for the upcoming event, business owners should use an opening ceremony to help open their business or highlight their product launch with pizzazz.

award ceremony

Awards ceremonies, also known as awards shows, can help organizations drive brand recognition and donations or revenue from a variety of sources. Increasing ticket sales or donations is often a key part of this type of event strategy.

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