New Digital Solutions Due to Pandemic

The pandemic has spurred the demand for technology solutions. The tools that companies began to use due to the introduction of quarantine will remain relevant after its removal, if they are effective enough. A pandemic is not a hindrance to business development and innovation, but maybe it is a good trigger. The technologies that we have begun to use more and more on a daily basis over the past year are not new. Nothing could have appeared in such a short time, even under the pressure of the needs of the new reality. Rather, the changed behaviour of people forced us to look at many things differently and to use existing tools and technologies more actively. 

The period of the coronavirus pandemic gave impetus to the use of 3D technologies, artificial intelligence, AR and gave birth to new ideas. The attention on digital solution was caused by the new rules of everyday life and working process. Contactless, remote, virtual are the main words in the description of modern technologies. Remote team management, remote sales support, virtual communication with the customer and maximum growth of all processes have become priority areas for finding solutions for introducing technological innovations during the coronavirus period. Many innovations have already been tested in past years, but the pandemic has accelerated their introduction into the daily life of companies.

The plenty of technologies allows to present information, to help people or to product the new ideas in new forms in period of pandemic.

3D mapping

3D mapping is a video projection onto a relief object or 3D scene, creating the illusion of its transformation. The most popular and impressive type of mapping is the building projection. Any object can be used as a mapping object: created decorations, buildings or other architectural form, an interior item, a car, etc. An interesting option is a 360-degree projection, created on circular screens or indoors. The animation view reveals the geometric shapes and properties of the projected object. A scenic effect is achieved by adding projection to the scenery. The decorations interact with the video with the help of their forms. 3D mapping can be very useful during the period of the coronavirus pandemic. It allows to translate the information to the large number of people, but to use outdoor space or to keep a distance indoor.

3D hologram

3d hologram, projection hologram is an optical illusion of a hologram. It allows you to create an illusion of a volumetric object and makes it possible to observe an object or a person without contacting it. This function helps to maintain safety of presentation. This technical innovation has 2 types: creating an image on a rear projection screen and animating characters using a system of reflective and transparent screens. An interesting and innovative solution, especially during a pandemic, is hologram control using touch devices ipad and iphone.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality combines two independent spaces programmatically: real objects around us and the virtual world recreated on a computer. The basis of augmented reality technology is an optical tracking system. The camera becomes the “eyes” of the system, and the markers become the “hands”. The camera recognizes markers in real life, “transfers” them to a virtual environment, imposes one layer of reality on another reality. Products with AR are used in many areas of activity and are designed to facilitate the process of work, presentation, search, learning, decorate rest and make all these processes contactless. For example, live printing with AR allows you to turn printed materials (business cards, calendars, stickers, billboards, catalogs, etc.) into full-fledged 3D presentations of a company or product. Also, building design can be demonstrated in augmented and virtual reality. Virtual models of individual buildings and entire neighborhoods can be coded for printing and advertising products of the customer. A virtual trip along the external and internal perimeter of a group of architectural objects will be an exciting attraction and will push the client to buy a service.

Strong and complicated digital solutions make the life more simple and safe during the pandemic and after it. Creating a product in accordance with the latest technology trends requires a scrupulous and professional approach. The Nuevo Design’s specialists are engaged in the creation and development of various digital tools for your business.