Product Launching Ceremony Organizing


Your product is ready to astonish the world, but how can you motivate people to buy it? Nuevo Design is ready to create a launch event for your new product. This moment, when new product is made available to the public for the first time, must be carefully prepared and planned. Product launch establishes momentum that a company can then expand upon. 

Strong impression about your brand and product is the key to the successful and fast sale. The atmosphere, topical vibe of the launch, focus on the audience, theme and location of the event are puzzle pieces of strategy. The name and theme for product launch event should be related to the product and must be capacious and memorable. Big companies generate powerful ideas for their product launch events, based on the vibes and emotions and associations. For example, the biggest and one of the most famous companies – Apple, always build their conferences and events on anticipation, mystery and desire. This way also chooses another giant company – Sony. Their goal was to make the PS5 the most anticipated product of 2020 and they gained it. The launch plan includes a choice of location that allows the company to highlight new product through creative displays, decor and lighting. Continent location is able to complement and emphasize the value and facilities of presented product. Fashion label Jacquemus totally connected Summer-Spring 2021 collection with the place of presentation: combination of natural materials and the wheat fields completely immersed the audience in the show and increased the popularity of the brand. There is another way to involve customers in presentation of your product or brand. Our team will make it possible to plan fascinating entertainment for your product launch event.

Product launch needs to be in time in all senses: time management, duration and when the product is released. Event should contain the main abilities, advantages and pluses of project. Also product launches should be appropriate to the holidays, time of year, and seasons. The era of fast fashion and hyper consumerism compels to focus on time and trends. The main goal of the event is to market the product. A few weeks before the event day, we will develop an online marketing strategy to attract visitors. It contains a mix of email newsletters, social media activities, press releases and some offline methods.

Our main aim is to promote the event and mention the product, but not present it fully. 

General Concept

We create design and idea of the general concept.

Stage & Decorations

We do design and fabrications of the stages and any kind of decorations in-house.

AV Equipment

We provide full turn-key solutions including installation of hardware equipment: lights, sound, Led and etc.

Video Content

We create video content including 2D and 3D animated content for different purposes.


Don’t forget to order photography services from Nuevo Design to boost your event in social.

Awards & Gift Items

Custom made awards and gift items from Nuevo Design available now.

Let our team to take care of your product launch ceremony.

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