Festivals and Concerts Organizing


Organizing a festival includes a number of different processes and stages. Lion’s share of work goes into planning of festival. The phase of idea and goal brainstorming can become a huge exhausting challenge. Nuevo Design team knows how to make festival organizing quicker, lighter and more productive. Step by step your festival will be supplemented with important details and transformed from idea into a spectacular, unforgettable event. 

First of all, festival planning and organization begins from setting goals and reasons of event. Goals will provide the direction to successes of the whole festival. For example, for organizing a music festival it is important to make a list of headliners, that in the top of the charts of located place. Another goal may focus on season or climate specific of the region. The climate of Dubai can infuse on festival organization. Social relevance is one of the reasons why festival or other events can be done, so it can’t be ignored. The second step of festival organization is forming and allocating an event budget to make ideas and plans real. Nuevo Design is fully responsible for this preparation step. We will take care about different expenditures: rental, entertainment, hiring staff and searching for volunteers and other budgetary line items. The next step is to choose the best, perfect location and secure it. The experience of the team and the accumulated database will help to secure location easily and not to think about routine calls, deadlines and permits. When suitable location is chosen, it’s time to develop a marketing plan of the event, to book suppliers, to recruit volunteers for your festival. Nuevo specialists will determine key targets in planning marketing strategy, booking artists and amusement, searching and analyzing your staffing requirement.

Finally, it is necessary to plan out full festival’s schedule and to make it completed, but flexible in case of emergency. However, all the details and backstage check points will be prepared by Nuevo Design.


We will provide you with the best venue options matching to all your needs and audience capacity.

General Concept

We create design and idea of the general concept.

Stage & Decorations

We do design and fabrications of the stages and any kind of decorations in-house.

AV Equipment

We provide full turn-key solutions including installation of hardware equipment: lights, sound, Led and etc.

Live Broadcast

Don’t forget to order live video broadcast services from Nuevo Design to boost your event in social.

Floor Management

We will create and manage all artists schedules as per the floor management plan arrangement.

Let our team to take care of your festival or concert.

Nuevo Design solutions are a piece of art, you want it, you will love it!