Opening Ceremony Organizing


First impressions are most lasting. Conventions, political structures and sporting events choose opening ceremonies to set the vibe for the upcoming big event. Businessmen use an opening ceremony to start new business, present their fresh brand, the latest branch of corporation or to highlight their product launch. Opening ceremonies for business call attention to products and services. Such events combine entertainment and useful information part. A strong and successful opening ceremony is not only about the hype about the business, but it can also develop long-term prospects. 

Planning and organizing the opening ceremony requires a lot of creative ideas and energy. First step we recommend to start with a plan, based on your purposes and ideas. Nuevo Design is able to offer planning for offline and online open ceremony: together we’ll decide when and where the opening ceremony can take place and what concept you want it to contain. The next moment we recommend to decide is the type of event (private or public) and a form (online, offline, translated). The great opening ceremony of Olympic Games shows us an example of huge public event, which is translated online. So nowadays a social media presence is necessary, as well as promotion and invitations offline. Besides, invitation list plays one of the main roles in success of the event. Starting from current and potential customers and adding the list with media, neighbouring businesses in your area and teams from related areas makes the perfect match for your business communications.

Nuevo Design takes care about show part, food & beverage and program planning. Our team organizes a ribbon cutting with formal speech, demonstration of your product and the entertainment part. The ideal program of official opening is short and informative. Number of speakers must be limited and their speech must be connected with the opening ceremony theme: fashion opening ceremony or shop opening ceremony are two different themes, for example.

General Concept

We create design and idea of the general concept.

Stage & Decorations

We do design and fabrications of the stages and any kind of decorations in-house.

AV Equipment

We provide full turn-key solutions including installation of hardware equipment: lights, sound, Led and etc.

Video Content

We create video content including 2D and 3D animated content for different purposes.


Don’t forget to order photography services from Nuevo Design to boost your event in social.

Awards & Gift Items

Custom made awards and gift items from Nuevo Design available now.

Let our team to take care of your opening ceremony.

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