The Demand for Interior Design Has Grown: a Massive Investment in the UAE

The overall health of the economy affects development of various spheres of business. High standard of living and market resilience reinforces interest and demand for architecture and interior design. The UAE is the dominant player in GCC interior design marketplace. 

The high level of economy provokes an increase in the construction of buildings for business and personal needs. In recent years, the most rapidly developing building site in the world is Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa, was built here. It is made of steel and glass. Eleven floors of the building are occupied by the Armani Hotel Dubai – a design hotel. The interior of this hotel was designed by George Armani by himself. It is styled in restrained minimalism in chocolate gray tones. Therefore, higher requirement to do the inside design and style appears. Commercial interior design projects more often appear at the Dubai local market. The budget is growing and sphere of interior design continues to improve modern decisions, innovations and digital solutions. For example, the commercial hubs in Dubai grow rapidly in estate markets. So this factor will increase popularity and relevance of interior design projects in this region. It is expected that th fast building of offices in Dubai will trigger the development of design services in the local market.

The UAE Interior design market comprises local and foreign players. The demand for interior design generates more and more offers from big and small agencies and companies in this area. Now the bulk of money from the budget of UAE companies is allocated to interior design. The evolved personal, professional, public landscape in Dubai becomes a great, prospective field for interior designers. Searching for designers’ team customers make the main focus on comfort, sustainability, modern decisions and functionality of the project. Human-centered designs are aimed on new building standards such as WELL and LEED. The importance of functional features, harmony of visual perception and comfort should be balanced to create a space, which will influence positively on life, work and supplement the person who lives, works or relaxes in this interior decision. 

Interior design services must be calculated due to all used components such as area and project size, type of building (construction), expected furniture (designed in the space), price for the custom joinery, WELL standard, expected timeline of the project. It is important to discuss these factors with a designers’ team. It is needed to sum up two factors for interior design: a price for services (square meter) and required square meters of the future designed space. The base rate in Dubai is around 1,500 AED per square meter. The calculation usually includes ceiling, partitions, flooring, mechanical, electrical and plumbing, furniture. It depends on the choice of different materials, requirements of indoor climate and other standards due to the type, location and the aim of the space.

Dubai is the best place to search for interior designer, because this city became a host for experienced specialists. The best decision is to examine the details of this market and to choose the modern and skilled interior design team. Nuevo Design offers the services of residential, hospitality and commercial interior design. The company focused on full and partial range of design services: interior design, development, architectural design, furniture design. Perfect skilled team leads various interior design projects with full production and attention to all details: concept development, planning solutions, 3D visualization and drawings, selection of finishing materials and furniture. The experience of Nuevo Design is over 15 years in worldwide property development and design places. Designers work across a variety of prestigious design projects. They regularly visit exhibitions and meet with the suppliers to offer high quality solutions for planning and decorating of your space.