Events are Back: Post- Pandemic Organizing and Planning

The Covid-19 pandemic separated all spheres of life into “Before Coronavirus” and “Post-Pandemic” periods. Last year definitely transformed events, turned the conferences, meetings and exhibitions into online and hybrid events. Does the event management have an opportunity to recover after the long break without gatherings of hundreds of people offline?

Event management was forced to digitize a range of functions and myriad events were taken to the Internet. Now the main question is how industry’s survival will be provided in the new normal life. More and more frequently gatherings are smaller and the organizing is smarter. The event management system includes not only planners searching for location and suppliers, but also media, venues, catering, designers, merchandising and other spheres. Restarting the large -scale event movement means the recovering, resumption of all these related industries. After the world lockdown the offer market became more qualitative and interesting. To take part in event planning and to be a part of large projects contractors make very interesting tenders and ready to create exclusive projects. They offer more and more options for the projects due to different budget and aims of clients. The primary task of companies is to run competitive business and to make their product marketable.

Surely the post-pandemic event and entertainment business cannot ignore the online experience. Some meetings and events continue to happen online, but inevitable amalgamation of online and offline created hybrid meetings. This form of event attracts audience from online platforms to enjoy the offline meeting. This mix may be applied to conferences, exhibitions, concerts, presentations. Hybrid meetings give to participant hybrid capabilities. People have a choice to travel or to stay home, to calculate the budget due to face-to-face or virtually form of event. To interest attendees to attend the meeting messaging and communication with the audience must be involving and effective. It needs to work at the same time with participants, who plan to take part online and offline. But let’s remember that virtual participants may follow another registration timeline to in-person attendees. Another way of registration is to make it online and long termed. New conditions require from the hybrid space to be more interactive for both parts of the participants. The show, installations, entertainment, presentations must hold the attention and create the involving background for the audience interest.

Face-to-face meetings have absolutely changed after the world’s accepting the rules of pandemic. The first task for all event planners is safety and distance. People began to search some contactless solutions for post-pandemic events. Virtual tools for digital check-ins will provide events with safe and fast registration. Also this way will restrict participants from long queues and contact with other people in it. Another interesting move is to use AR and VR for interesting and inspiring experience of your audience. For example, it may be full-wall projections, 360-degree real-time viewing, 3D presentation or gamified experience instead of handouts. Food and Beverage became a vital part of offline events. To make it safe for all from staff members to participants catering can be contactless. Option of digital menus should be provided with QR Codes. Attendees can scan codes placed at table ends or kiosks and place the order without contacting with the server. Artificial intelligence is the way to help the audience to find the useful information during the event. Some of the ways AI can be used in events are chatbots, facial recognition, voice translation and interpretations. Providing the modern technologies make the event more interactive and safe.

All the mentioned up-to-day technologies can be brought to life in the event organized by Nuevo Design. Nuevo Design Company is the self-sufficient professional team, which is based in Dubai. We organized the events “before Coronavirus”, survived the storm of lockdown and we are experienced in “Post-Pandemic” event management. Winter Wonderland 2020 First Launch in UAE is one of Nuevo Design’s projects. This event has full turnkey arrangement and some parts of this project, such as “journey to the North pole” were organized with up-to-day technologies like 3d mapping and hologram. Design and developing of Winter Wonderland was made by Nuevo Design’s sister company Magic Innovations at JBR, UAE.