Deira Clock Tower Digital Renovation 2023

Deira Clock Tower Digital Renovation 2023

Deira Clock Tower Digital Renovation 2023

Nuevo Design worked together with  Dubai Municipality transforming the iconic Clock Tower into a live art  sculpture by using projection mapping technology.

Over a span of 10 months, the project unfolded seamlessly transitioning from the idea to technical ingenuity and captivating content production.
16 projectors, each with 30,000 lumens, orchestrated immersive artistry, housed in precision-tailored cooling boxes, bringing vision to life. Behind the scenes, a bespoke media server supported the birth of generative content. 

The main goal was for people not just to watch, but to actively participate, bringing a piece of their soul into this historical masterpiece. Thanks to a custom-built media server and interactive software, the Tower can interact with the audience on a deep level. And that is not all. The generative content was used in one of the most influential sustainability campaigns, COP28, conveying a message of environmental responsibility. 

A dedicated website and application have been developed, providing an educational platform. 

Participants are invited to set pledges through the platform, showcasing the evolving content of the Clock Tower in response to the accumulation of specific hashtags. 

To further enhance accessibility, viewers near the Clock Tower could utilize QR codes, seamlessly connecting to the website to delve into the project’s philosophy, confirm their pledges, and visually represent their commitment through a symbolic visualization on Deira Clock Tower..

During the campaign more than 10000 pledges were developed. 

Today we present the Clock Tower not as a static exhibition, but as a dynamic, living, interactive work of art.

Project Details

DATE: 2023/11/5
VENUE: Deira Clock Tower, Dubai
CLIENT: Dubai Municipality