Shell Scheme Exhibition Stands


Shell scheme is a common term in the exhibition industry. This is the most common type of stand or booth that is used as a space for participants of an exhibition. A shell scheme is composed of a box-style, which is supported by vertical aluminium poles, held together by cross poles at the top and bottom. The schemes have the same structure, but each company products them with some differences in sizes and shapes. The organizers of exhibition usually send participants a specification to inform about the type and the sizes of shell scheme. 

Nuevo Design offers the production of shell scheme of different sizes and shapes.Shell scheme is universal product that can be used in different purposes, but the process of dressing and designing can be complicated. There are some solutions that can be used by exhibitors. One of the most simple and inexpensive to create the dressed exhibition stand is shell clad panels and shell clips. Our expert team can design and print such panels, which can be reused at future events. Another way to present the information is pop up stand. Pop up stand is a printed backwall display.It is a flexible and simple way to create a large format display. This stands can be straight, curved or L-shaped to work around corners. It can be changed over with ease to create an entirely new display area. Banner stands, literature racks and display counters also can be used as exhibition stand accessories. They help to fill out the stand and promote different products and services. These accessories can transform into a professional addition to the stand and can be used time and time again.

Booths Design & Installation

We do design, including technical drawings and installation of the exhibition stands.

General Layout

We will create layout of your exhibition, including booths location, walkways, conference zone and etc.

AV Rental

We provide full turn-key solutions including installation of hardware equipment: lights, sound, Led and etc.

Technical Support

During the installation and show dates our team will take care of needed facilities: electrical, water, internet, registration and etc.

Client Management

Keep exhibitors and visitors management for our experienced team, using latest software for management and marketing.

Furniture Rental

We will provide the catalog of the different furniture to match with the exhibition stand design concept. Or we will fabricate custom made.

Let our team to take care of your exhibition stand.

Nuevo Design solutions are a piece of art, you want it, you will love it!