Outdoor Kiosk


Outdoor kiosks are popular for many clear reasons and they are able solve a number of common business problems; to handle more and more complex task. These type of kiosks can be used often as information stations, small shops, SMART ticketing kiosks. Innovative kiosks can effectively draw the attention of potential customers by streaming your company brand message. The exterior and interior perfect design of outdoor kiosk is the best message for your customers.

Friendly speaking, if your company wants place kiosks outside then they have to be durable. You should always purchase units from a reputable manufacturer, which uses modern, safe materials and technologies. Nuevo Design will make a project of kiosk based on durable hardware that will protect components against the unpleasant elements, such as dust, rain or heat. We use the latest technologies and modern design to make our product perfect and your customers satisfied. 

The team of Nuevo Design specialists controls all stages of projecting and design the exterior and interior of kiosks according to your requests, ideas, vision, corporate image, location etc. Our engineers work according the sketches, drawings and plans, which will be made by our architectures and designers, who’ll consider all your wishes. Our team will provide all the documents, procurement, and financial routine. 

Kiosk Design & Installation

We do design, including technical drawings and installation of the outdoor kiosks.

AV Rental

We provide full turn-key solutions including installation of hardware equipment: lights, sound, Led and etc.

Furniture Rental

We will provide the catalog of the different furniture to match with the exhibition stand design concept. Or we will fabricate custom made.

Let our team to take care of your outdoor kiosk design and execution.

Nuevo Design solutions are a piece of art, you want it, you will love it!