Custom Build Exhibition Stands


If you are planning to take part in an exhibition, but all you have is an idea, Nuevo Design team will develop a project of exhibition stand design and build for you. First and foremost, the main function of exhibition stand is to inform the audience what your product or company is all about. Our designers and engineers will help you to show the values and specialties of your business in your exhibition stand: eco-friendliness, high-end luxury, affordability. Your stand is the way of quick communication, your bright message to the visitors of the exhibition. 

Nuevo Design is not the one of many companies in Dubai, offering its exhibition stand design and management services across. Our company is the only one, which can combine individual reference with modern, high qualitative production. Skilled, creative and competent team will create the most suitable exhibition stand for your project. A custom build stand is a completely blank canvas, open to a variety of your ideas and possibilities. Nuevo Design guarantees careful project management of your project. Project manager will ensure customizing of exhibition stand and become a part of your team and lead your project through all steps of work. All difficulties such as searching for video and audio technique rental, completing the various details, installation can be excluded by the team of Nuevo Design experts.

Our expert team guarantees quality and reliability of exhibition stand building. The last thing you need to think about is technical process of creation. We will control all steps: creating, sketching, counting, designing, fabricating and presenting the full final result. Modern, involving technologies and high qualitative materials are provided in the creation of your brand promoting.


We create design and idea of the general concept.


We do design and fabrications of the exhibition stands and decorations in-house.

AV Rental

We provide full turn-key solutions including installation of hardware equipment: lights, sound, Led and etc.

Promo Video Content

We create video content including 2D and 3D animated content for promoting your company, on the stand, during the show days.


Don’t forget to order photography services from Nuevo Design to boost your event in social.

Invitations & Gift Items

Custom made invitations and gift items from Nuevo Design available now.

Furniture Rental

We will provide the catalog of the different furniture to match with the exhibition stand design concept. Or we will fabricate custom made.


We providing all needed staff for hosting you event.


We build exhibition stands all over the world. You don’t need to look for a local contractors anymore.

Let our team to take care of your exhibition stand.

Nuevo Design solutions are a piece of art, you want it, you will love it!